Why You Should Consider A Rustic Country Wedding

Most of us dream of a white wedding where everything is perfect and elegantly planned. The truth though is, a perfect wedding where everything goes right is quite impossible. We could however plan a wedding and avoid mishaps to the maximum. The white wedding dream has now commonly changed to a white country wedding dream, with more people in love with nature and its beauty. A wedding in the country, alongside the serene natural background (great photoshoots!), cute animals in their barns and the sandy roads that give a rustic view fit perfectly for anyone’s Big Day!

Serene Venue

The best part of a country wedding is the natural beauty of the venue. Especially during spring and summer one can witness the immense beauty of the countryside. Make sure though that during summer you have cooling systems in play to avoid exhausting your guests with the heat. A country wedding if taking place in a barn will have many cute four legged guests as well. It makes the overall event a more fun and exciting event to most, especially the kids! When sending out your country wedding invitations make sure to mention if it’s taking place in a barn so that your guests can be prepared. Visit this link https://www.lovestruckinvitations.com.au/rustic-wedding-invitations.html for more info on country wedding invitations.

Great Photoshoots

A well-known equation is, a country wedding equals great wedding photos. The natural beauty provides great photoshoots. Especially during spring, summer and autumn you can have great photos taken alongside the trees, flowers and plants of varying colours. Most brides opt for outdoor nuptial shoots because they know how well the natural lightning and nature’s beauty positively effects their photographs. The sunset photoshoot, vintage road shoot, middle of the forest photoshoot, photoshoot in the woods, oak tree photoshoots are some of the most common wedding photoshoots. A common hype now is to have outdoor engagement pre party photoshoots and then send out engagement party invitations endorsed with a couple of the best photos from the shoot.

Less Costly

Country weddings can be much less costly compared to modern receptions held in large hotels. Most of the time the barns or farms being rented out is a family owned business and therefore is quite less costly. The number of guests that can be accommodated in a country wedding is so much greater than in a modern one. Which inevitably reduces our cost and guilt of having to cut down on our guest list which most often than not seems impossible.

Entertain large Guests

As discussed earlier, a country marriage can host a large number of guests. The ample space in a barn or outdoor wedding doesn’t hurt, because you can accommodate a large number of guests without having to streamline your guest list. The ample space also adds to the happy mood because guests feel free and have space to move about. Country weddings are also great idea for those having to host many kids since they have a large space to run about without creating much chaos anywhere near the altar. Bear in mind though, when holding an outdoor wedding take precautions to adjust to sudden changes in weather conditions. For instance, if there is a rain does the tents have side coverings that can keep you and your guests dry? And if it’s the hot season how are you going to deal with heat? Food and natural flower decorations also need to be preserved without going stale. So plan ahead and prepare for the sudden changes. But worry not, most country weddings are happy endings!

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