Use Your E-cig Effectively

A couple of years ago e cigarettes almost changed smokers’ lifestyles and now, it has become a normal gadget. If you are a regular smoker or an enthusiast, you should try and have an e cig experience. Many people who use e cigarettes know how to get the best out of it but there are simple tweaks that can increase and improve the efficiency of an e cig. Just like all other devices, knowing your e cig will help you enjoy it more. If you are familiar with the working concepts of an e cigarette, following tips will increase the efficiency of your e cig rapidly.


E cigarettes work using batteries. These are rechargeable and have a considerably high life span. The amount of current drawn by the atomizer or the cartomizer depends on the resistance of your e cigarette. Many people don’t know about it and the ones who know about it don’t really care. But this resistance is really a crucial value. The ability of an e cig to vaporize an e liquid totally depends on this value. Make sure you have a low resistance attachment to limit the battery power. This, in turn, will provide a more satisfying and a larger cloud of vapor.

Use a better battery

The performance of an e cigarettes will depend on the load. Higher the load, higher the power that is needed, obviously. But not all e cigarettes have a good, long lasting battery. And lucky for you, most of these devices have batteries that can be replaced. If your e cigarette has a battery with a low capacity, it will not be able to provide you with a strong, saturated vapor cloud. Use a battery that is durable and have a higher capacity. This capacity is directly proportional to the saturation of your vapor cloud. Simply put, if your battery has a higher capacity, it will deliver a more satisfying feeling.

Charge your battery, always!

You might have experienced a lack of vapor produced by the atomizer with time. The reason is even though your attachments have a constant resistant, the battery power drops down with time and with use. This reduces battery voltage and in turn the amount of vapor produced by the cigarette is decreased. This can be minimized with a battery with a higher capacity. But even with a high grade battery, this is inevitable. Only way that you can fight back is to recharge your e cig with regular time periods. If you are buying your e cigarettes online, all these instructions will be clearly stated.Get to know your device and with these simple tricks you can enjoy your e cigarette even better.

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