Tips For Selling Your Old Mobile Phone

Are you planning on selling your mobile phone? Is there a new model released, which you plan on making an upgrade to? Regardless of what your reasons are for selling a smartphone, you will want to always try and maximize the sale. Selling a phone for its original market value is not always gong to be possible, so you will need to make sure that you try and sell it for as close to the original price as possible, provided the phone is in good condition. Here are some tips that will help you with selling your old

Assess the condition
Before you can put the phone up for sale, you will need to get an idea of the phone’s condition. This does not just include the phone itself, but the accessories it comes with as well. For instance, if you are using a third-party charger such as the anker powerport 6, this would result in your phone having a lesser value than an original device. After you do this, you can compare your phone with the prices of other listings that you find, so that you know how much you can sell it for.

Be familiar with the specifications
One things you will need to know about your phone, is all the relevant specifications. Some of the key specifications that you will need to know are the screen size, battery life, OS version, storage capacity and the screen resolution. Apart from this, finding out about the CPU and GPU could also be a bonus, as you will get an idea of where it stands in the current market. Be prepared to answer these questions, so that it will make you seem more knowledgeable and thereby give you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating the price.

Throw in a bonus
If you have all the accessories that came with the device, still in working condition, you can add these as well, to increase the value of it. This will include third party products such as the anker powerline micro usb as well, as these tend to be essential accessories that go with your device. If you are using a screen protector on the phone, it will go to show that you have taken diligent care of the screen and thereby, makes it look a lot newer once you take it off. Replacing the screen protector with a new one will help you improve the condition of it. Selling a smartphone is not always going to be easy. These tips should help you with making a better sale.