Getting Started With Your Own Advertising Agency

Advertising can be a very dynamic, yet a rewarding career.  Starting your own advertising agency, from scratch sounds like a complicated project. If you are interested in starting it off small scale, you can do so with a modest investment, even at your own home office. Before getting started you need to do some background research.  Taking courses and attending conferences would definitely help you in the long run.

Deciding on what type of advertising agency you wish to operate is the first step. Once you built it up you could offer a variety of services, but it is safer and practical to specialize in one type. Print media is a good way to start your advertising agency. You should obtain a local business permit prior to getting started. This includes a tax certificate and a tax identification number. The tax certificate can be obtained from your state’s business regulatory office while a federal tax identification number can be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service.

If you do not have space in your own home you could rent out some business space. If you set up your office in your own home make sure your office is separate and away from all household distractions. Once you have your office space you can furnish and get whatever supplies you need. Do not spend too much on expensive furniture. You can always redecorate your office once you get it all established. Get all the essential supplies and services such as a phone, a dedicated phone and fax line, reliable high speed internet, a fax machine, a computer, banner printer, a digital camera, photo scanner and stationery. In the beginning you can choose to outsource your design work by paying a small fee.

You can create a website and purchase business cards for advertising purposes. Printing marketing material can be done from a local place, which would help you establish business relationships in your town.  To begin with, you can take small contracts such as posters, custom shop banners, sale signs for shops. A clever way to earn an additional income is printing celebrity posters and putting them on display for sale. This way your agency is sure to be popular among all the fan girls in no time!

Once you feel established, you have to take a step forward and execute a marketing campaign by distributing corporate products or mailing marketing material. A charity campaign is also a good way to start. This way, local business organizations would get to know you and you can get your name out there.

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