The Importance Of Self-Defense For Girls

We live in a world that sexualizes young girls from the day they are born and a world that puts young boys on a pedestal where young girls are taught their place in the kitchen. We claim to be fighting for equality but the rape statistics and abuse statistics around the world continue to rise with little being done in terms of justice. We live in a world where girls continue to be punished for becoming victims of abuse and rape, where the first question a rape victim will be asked in a court of law will be “what were you wearing?”.

Train your daughter to fight back

While, in an ideal world, we should be training our young men to stop raping and abusing women, we cannot control every man in the world, we cannot control the media and we cannot control the movies, advertisements and overall mindset of the world. However, what we can do is train our daughters to fight back by getting them a set of everlast gloves and other gear and sending them for self-defense classes from a very young age so that when the day comes, your daughter will be ready for her abuser.

Almost every girl will have experienced some form of abuse in her lifetime whether it is rape, sexual harassment or verbal abuse. As such, it is vital that we train our girls to be strong because they will inevitably have to face this at some point of their lives, possibly more than once. As a young girl or a teenager, the best thing that you can do for your daughter is to buy some muay thai equipment and enroll her in some self-defense classes. This will not only good for her in terms of defending herself but it will also help her to have the exercise her body needs while growing.

The sad reality is that no matter how much we claim to be fighting for the rights of women and for equal rights, women are still being portrayed as sex objects and their bodies being used to advertise everything from cars to cleaning products thereby further strengthening the idea that women can be bought, sold and used. It is a sad sight to see half or fully naked women being used to “entertain” men by their pictures being printed in every day newspapers in the name of “art”. Porn is rampant and encouraged as “normal” for young men and with this, we are furthering rape culture and young men grow up believing that it is normal to rape and hurt young girls.

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