Different Ways To Smoke

This is for the type of guys that want to experiment out different ways of smoking whatever substances they use. There so many different things to smoke and so many different ways to smoke them out of. You shall find some of the different ways that you can get it done. Well, the most commonly used way is through a joint. You can smoke it using only one hand and you have to roll the paper properly. Normally paper from hemp signature paper is used for the rolling. You can use just an ordinary paper but what is the fun in that?

If you like to go big you should try out acrylic bong, cheap ones can be found everywhere online. It is almost like a hookah but smaller and more portable. It cools off the smoke and also filters it by minimizing the affects nicotine and other elements. The novelty glass pipes are a great sight to see. It made of a certain type of glass because of its heat resistance. They come all colors, sizes and amazing shapes. These things have been popular throughout the years mainly because of their portability and ease of use. It is sometimes a work of art with amazing art on the glass some of the color changes while smoking – simply amazing. One of the craziest ways would be the glass mask bong. Unlike other methods this helps you immerse yourself for the full smoking experience. You won’t lose any smoke as you have it tight spread around your face you have plenty of time to inhale the entire flavor and what not.

Vaporizer, it doesn’t make you smoke but rather it vaporizes the substances. Yes, keeping that in mind it should be in this list but I decided to add it anyway. Have you ever heard of the apple pipe? Yes, apple pipe not apple pie. It is a popular way to smoke. All you need is an apple and create a chamber for the smoke along with a bowl on top. Then make a hole on the side of the apple where you can place your mouth. It will have an apple flavor and do not eat the apple when you are done. Google to find out the specific instructions on how to do it properly.  Last one on my list is the steam roller. They look like long tubes and this method are losing interest by smokers. However, they come in different shapes too but since people are losing interest in this method might as well slowly let it go, know more at http://www.thebongshop.com.au/

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