5 Ideas For Room Organising

We all dream of having a magazine worthy bedroom. However when life starts to happen keeping our bedrooms tidy is the least of our concerns. A clean and tidy room helps a lot with having a clean and tidy mind because the first thing you see in the morning affects your day. Follow these tips and having that beautiful room will be a step closer.

Designate a place for everything

Not only will it make things easier to find but it will also reduce clutter. Have a designated place for everything, from a place for durable sunglasses storage to a designated area in your closet to hang your sweaters. Then the next time you come to your room and feel like just putting everything on the nearest chair you’ll think twice.

Use vertical space

Black walls serve no propose. Use these to create storage space. Whether it be a shelf over the doorway or a wall hanging that doubles as a storage case. Use the falls of your closet to hang your shoes and try to optimise every space. Using vertical spaces well help the room feel less cluttered and will also add interest visually.

Storage decoration combo

Use storage options that double as room decoration. This is easy when it comes to jewellery storage. Be creative and find visually pleasing ways to stash away your belongings. Play with colours and textures and add your own style to it as well.

Furniture with hidden storage

Furniture that doubles as storage is amazing if you have a small space or if you’re going for a minimalist de-cluttered look. A lot of visible empty areas gives the illusion of space and can make any area feel more comfortable. If buying furniture is not an option try to find a use for the unusable space under your existing furniture. A wall rack under your table, storing winter clothes in boxes under your bed can be some places to start.

Don’t hoard

The easiest way to maintain a clean room is not to have any unwanted items. If you don’t like a certain piece of clothing throw it out. If you feel that two bookshelves feel cluttered donate it to someone. Each time you bring in something new to the room try to put something out.