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Why You Should Consider A Rustic Country Wedding

Most of us dream of a white wedding where everything is perfect and elegantly planned. The truth though is, a perfect wedding where everything goes right is quite impossible. We could however plan a wedding and avoid mishaps to the maximum. The white wedding dream has now commonly changed to a white country wedding dream, with more people in love with nature and its beauty. A wedding in the country, alongside the serene natural background (great photoshoots!), cute animals in their barns and the sandy roads that give a rustic view fit perfectly for anyone’s Big Day!

Serene Venue

The best part of a country wedding is the natural beauty of the venue. Especially during spring and summer one can witness the immense beauty of the countryside. Make sure though that during summer you have cooling systems in play to avoid exhausting your guests with the heat. A country wedding if taking place in a barn will have many cute four legged guests as well. It makes the overall event a more fun and exciting event to most, especially the kids! When sending out your country wedding invitations make sure to mention if it’s taking place in a barn so that your guests can be prepared. Visit this link for more info on country wedding invitations.

Great Photoshoots

A well-known equation is, a country wedding equals great wedding photos. The natural beauty provides great photoshoots. Especially during spring, summer and autumn you can have great photos taken alongside the trees, flowers and plants of varying colours. Most brides opt for outdoor nuptial shoots because they know how well the natural lightning and nature’s beauty positively effects their photographs. The sunset photoshoot, vintage road shoot, middle of the forest photoshoot, photoshoot in the woods, oak tree photoshoots are some of the most common wedding photoshoots. A common hype now is to have outdoor engagement pre party photoshoots and then send out engagement party invitations endorsed with a couple of the best photos from the shoot.

Less Costly

Country weddings can be much less costly compared to modern receptions held in large hotels. Most of the time the barns or farms being rented out is a family owned business and therefore is quite less costly. The number of guests that can be accommodated in a country wedding is so much greater than in a modern one. Which inevitably reduces our cost and guilt of having to cut down on our guest list which most often than not seems impossible.

Entertain large Guests

As discussed earlier, a country marriage can host a large number of guests. The ample space in a barn or outdoor wedding doesn’t hurt, because you can accommodate a large number of guests without having to streamline your guest list. The ample space also adds to the happy mood because guests feel free and have space to move about. Country weddings are also great idea for those having to host many kids since they have a large space to run about without creating much chaos anywhere near the altar. Bear in mind though, when holding an outdoor wedding take precautions to adjust to sudden changes in weather conditions. For instance, if there is a rain does the tents have side coverings that can keep you and your guests dry? And if it’s the hot season how are you going to deal with heat? Food and natural flower decorations also need to be preserved without going stale. So plan ahead and prepare for the sudden changes. But worry not, most country weddings are happy endings!

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Art And Craft Lessons For Students

Today in many education systems, the thinking power of the students is not much taken out. They are spoon fed and trained according to a system of educating, which means only the information and teachings provided can be noted down and studied. Students are not given a chance to involve into work and think about it through their interpretations. By such means their thinking power gets low and their creativity gets limited. The greatest and the biggest intention of the teachers are to finish the work as to the syllabus allowing the students to sit for their monthly exams. This system should be banned and students should be given a chance to think of what they are learning and should be given the opportunity to stand up and share their opinions. These are the best ways of both teaching and learning especially when it comes to literature and extra-curricular activities. Therefore today, many schools have introduced art and craft to almost every grade and it is now available as a subject that is mandatory for all the students.

Through these means they get a chance to experience new designs and so on. It develops their mind power and also their common sense. There are so many advantages a student may get when their brains are allowed to think and be creative in what they do. These creations allow the students to learn about patience, neatness, cleanliness, importance of sharing and so on. Therefore every school shall provide all the possible facilities for the students in order to make their subject easier. All such tools as to designing shall be given such as stationary products, the very famous commercial paper shredder, enough room and places to do their crafts and so on. Even in selecting a place for this activity, it has to be calm and peaceful place as the brain needed a decent background to function properly.

Nowadays children are lucky as they have many technique instruments such as Shredders Online fellowes shredders that can be shared among all the students while the subject is on. Those can be easily accessible and it saves so much of time when comparing paper shredding manually. At the end of the day standard competitions shall be organized in every school to choose the best designer of the year. These are great motivational ideas for the learning students and therefore they should take the maximum advantage of those. Exhibiting their work is also a great motivation and a support for the interested students and parents.

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The Benefits Of E-Commerce

Along with the advancement of the internet came the evolution of E-commerce. Standing for the term, Electronic commerce, this facility enables to engage in many commercial activities including buying and selling via internet if you have the basic facilities that need to perform it; an internet connection and a PC. As people become busier each day, the use of E-commerce has become almost a usual habit to many due to the time saving factor as there is absence of transportation. Following are some of those benefits that are elaborated for you to figure out if you too, as a 21st century citizen is making the optimum use of technology.

Distance is no more a barrier

Remember when you had to travel to the store all the way at the other end of the street just so you could get your hands on that prom dress you have been waiting to buy? Those times seem long gone as technology has brought the whole of shopping mall into your room. Just one click and the dress of your dreams will be yours and you can simply pay using the credit card. Not just that, now you have global access to any store that you can shop all the way from Asia for something that can be found in Europe; that is how convenient Ecommerce agencies has made you feel.

Time saving

Once an ecommerce consulting company has been set to the society, people began to engage in online shopping more and more as they realized how time saving it has become. As time seems to be one of the most limited factors in our lives now, E-commerce has enabled us to make use of this factor in its maximum without having to make any trips or incurring and transportation costs when you need to purchase something. Whenever you feel like you need something, you can simply log in to your EBay or Amazon account and shop to your heart’s desire.

Ease of use

Using the facility of E-commerce is easier than ever. You can simply use a device that supports internet connection, like a smartphone, PC or a tab and simply shop on those sites. No need to carry liquid cash to shop when you can easily pay using your credit card. Therefore, when your favourite baker has set up online store, you can simply place the order online without making an effort to visit it.

Less cost

Remember when you had to pull up your car and spend on fuel just because you had made too many trips to the super market? It will not be a hassle anymore a E-commerce has provided you with the benefit of saving all that transportation cost since you have to make no trips at all. Whatever you order will be delivered at your door step, making your life a whole lot easier than it has ever been before.

The Importance Of Self-Defense For Girls

We live in a world that sexualizes young girls from the day they are born and a world that puts young boys on a pedestal where young girls are taught their place in the kitchen. We claim to be fighting for equality but the rape statistics and abuse statistics around the world continue to rise with little being done in terms of justice. We live in a world where girls continue to be punished for becoming victims of abuse and rape, where the first question a rape victim will be asked in a court of law will be “what were you wearing?”.

Train your daughter to fight back

While, in an ideal world, we should be training our young men to stop raping and abusing women, we cannot control every man in the world, we cannot control the media and we cannot control the movies, advertisements and overall mindset of the world. However, what we can do is train our daughters to fight back by getting them a set of everlast gloves and other gear and sending them for self-defense classes from a very young age so that when the day comes, your daughter will be ready for her abuser.

Almost every girl will have experienced some form of abuse in her lifetime whether it is rape, sexual harassment or verbal abuse. As such, it is vital that we train our girls to be strong because they will inevitably have to face this at some point of their lives, possibly more than once. As a young girl or a teenager, the best thing that you can do for your daughter is to buy some muay thai equipment and enroll her in some self-defense classes. This will not only good for her in terms of defending herself but it will also help her to have the exercise her body needs while growing.

The sad reality is that no matter how much we claim to be fighting for the rights of women and for equal rights, women are still being portrayed as sex objects and their bodies being used to advertise everything from cars to cleaning products thereby further strengthening the idea that women can be bought, sold and used. It is a sad sight to see half or fully naked women being used to “entertain” men by their pictures being printed in every day newspapers in the name of “art”. Porn is rampant and encouraged as “normal” for young men and with this, we are furthering rape culture and young men grow up believing that it is normal to rape and hurt young girls.

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